I’m working on a couple of new collections of images, and since I’m replenishing my prints and cards for the second ENOS weekend, I decided to include the first examples of each.

The first theme is megalithic …

These standing stones are at Callanish in the Western Isles. The light that day was very much from the side, Dark clouds overhead, with the main source of light being from a distant gap in the clouds.

And then there is the microlithic …

Formerly animal and vegetable and now mineral … shells and coral sand from Claigan beach in Skye, magnified.

Note that the sand is not actually coral per se, but the calcareous skeletons of Maerl Рcoralline red algae.

If you visit me at the East Neuk Open Studios this weekend (10.30am until 5.30pm, 29th and 30th June), I will have more examples of each theme to show you!