The bottom line: I won’t take your money then leave you to flounder with a website you don’t understand how to maintain; but equally, I won’t keep taking your money for something that I can teach you to do for yourself (unless of course, you want to keep giving me money to maintain your site for you).

So what you get is what you need, and you’ll probably find that’s a cheaper and more satisfactory arrangement than the options you’ll be offered by most website designers.

  • Want to set up a new website?
  • Already have a website that was set up and maintained for you …
    – but now want to save money by running it yourself?
  • Have a website that isn’t maintained for you, that you have been left to run …
    – but not sure what to do with it?
  • Have one that was set up using one of those supposedly really easy to set up website hosting deals …
    – but can’t make it do what you want?

Speak to me.

I currently look after a couple of websites in addition to my own, and in the past have set up and managed dozens of others, going back to the days when they were coded by hand with html tags, then with style sheets and scripts, through to modern content management systems such as wordpress, drupal and joomla.

And if that sounds like a foreign language to you, don’t worry. Just tell me what you are looking for, and I will tell you the easiest. most user-friendly and best value way of delivering that. I can host your website and set it up for you, sort an existing website to do what you want and make it easier to run, and help and train you to run it yourself.