Photography and Imagery

Wildlife, Landscape and more …

On this site you will find a selection of my images that are readily available as prints, mounted, framed, on canvas, and so on. More information about prints is available in newsfeed posts that provide context and technical details.

You will find further examples of my photography in my photoblog and social media pages. If you see an image there that you want to own as a print or use in a publication or on a website, then note that such requests are welcome.

Also welcome are requests for location and portrait photography and opportunities to cover local news and events – and I’m happy to help you write the press release and issue it to the media as well as take the photos!

And while much of this website and its associated blog and social media showcase my photography, note that there is more to Imagenic … check out the range of web and media services that are available, and note that I also offer photography advice and tuition.