I produce two types of cards. Both are blank inside.

The two processes are

  1. High resolution images printed on gloss paper, trimmed and then hand mounted on cards. These are produced using a wide range of designs, in small batches of each design, and individually packaged with an envelope in a protective wrapper.

  2. Images printed directly on card. These can still give excellent results for suitable designs, are quicker and easier to make, and hence can be produced in larger quantities at a lower price, and made available as sets or for bespoke bulk orders.

Both types of card are printed using high quality, long-lasting, colour dye and black pigment inks, using A6, A5, square (135mm) and wide/tall (210x105cm) card sizes.

A6 and A5 cards feature many of the same designs that are available as A4 or 9″ by 6″ mounted prints; while the wide cards feature designs that are available as 2:1 aspect ratio canvas prints (e.g. 80 x 40cm or 100 x 50 cm).