Prints & Cards

Shapes & Sizes

Canvas PrintsPrints (mounted/framed)Cards (w/envelopes)
Square20 / 40 / 60 / 80cm135mm
4 x 340×30 / 80×60 / 100x75cm
A series
– A4/A5/A6
A4 (297x210mm) photo
in A3 or 16×12″ mount
A5 – 210 x 148mm
A6 – 148 x 105mm
3 x 230×20 / 60×40 /
75×50 / 90x60cm
9×6″ photo in A4 mount
2 x 160×30 / 80×40 / 100x50cm210x105mm
(fits DL envelope)
4 x 1120x30cms
  • Mounted / framed prints are printed at high resolution on glossy photo paper using high quality, durable dye and pigment inks.
  • Cards use the same quality inks as mounted prints. Images may be printed straight to the cards, or for higher resolution images, printed on glossy paper and then mounted on cards – see for more information.
  • Other options not listed above are available on request – e.g. prints on aluminium or acrylic media, and other sizes of prints (with or without mounts and frames).
  • Some of the images on this website include the web address as an online watermark. This is not on the prints or cards as sold. Images may feature a small, low contrast signature (i.e. you’ll see it if you look carefully, but it’s not very obvious).
  • Cards and prints usually have a logo with contact details printed on their reverse side.