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I’m working on a couple of new collections of images, and since I’m replenishing my prints and cards for the second ENOS weekend, I decided to include the first examples of each.

The first theme is megalithic …

These standing stones are at Callanish in the Western Isles. The light that day was very much from the side, Dark clouds overhead, with the main source of light being from a distant gap in the clouds.

And then there is the microlithic …

Formerly animal and vegetable and now mineral … shells and coral sand from Claigan beach in Skye, magnified.

Note that the sand is not actually coral per se, but the calcareous skeletons of Maerl – coralline red algae.

If you visit me at the East Neuk Open Studios this weekend (10.30am until 5.30pm, 29th and 30th June), I will have more examples of each theme to show you!

High Tide (sketch)


Kirk and CastleWaiting for the tide to come inHigh Tide (sketch)St Monans Landmarks (sketch)Bridge over the burn (sketch)Rigs

This post is about a work in progress – the starting point for new designs. I have a rough idea where it’s heading, but there may be more than one path to explore. 🙂

Mostly I try to make my photographs look natural. That’s not always a straightforward matter of clicking and printing. Cameras nowadays have a huge range of settings, and printers also have a habit of “auto-correcting” and making decisions for you. Even the paper you print on makes a difference.

Also, how the camera records a scene is not necessarily how you saw it. Your eyes adjust to different lighting conditions, and while your camera does that too, it’s not always in the same way. The camera’s judgement is not foolproof. Getting the colour and light levels right can require white balancing, contrast, gamma and other adjustments. To some extent these are the digital equivalents of the tweaks I used with film photography – adjusting developer formulae, processing times, using different film and paper types, and so on.

Red Bass Fishing

This photo takes that process a step further.
As taken, the Bass Rock could hardly be seen through the slightly pink, mostly grey mist.

Making its outline clearer involved (in Spinal Tap terms) turning the volume up to 11.
In this instance, I think it is a nice effect, and unlike many photos that ramp up the colour, it rescues details rather than losing them.

Then we get into the realm of airbrushing. Yes, I admit it. I occasionally do it. That distracting detail or photo-bombing person in the background? Gone. And as for that series of group photos where every picture has somebody’s eyes closed or looking sideways or sticking out their tongue? Sometimes transplanting heads is the only way.

Redshanks in flight (solarised)

Beyond that, I tend to think of the pictures not as photographs per se, but as images.

My images are transformed and redrawn in a variety of ways. The picture on the right is the digital equivalent of the technique known as solarisation. Other images may end up looking like they were drawn or painted. And sometimes they have been, on paper or on screen. These images are the basis of some new cards and prints, which for lack of a better collective title, I am going to call “sketches” …

Three landmarks, st Monans

P.S. This is a photograph. It has been mistaken for a painting. It was taken on a misty day when the spray from the stormy sea gave the landscape a watercolour like quality, fading into the distance …

Cards are not just for Christmas, but …

… I now have several packs of cards available that would be suitable for that purpose (you just need to add your own seasonal greeting).

There is a set of A6 cards, consisting of 15 scenes of St Monans in the snow – including pictures of the Auld Kirk, the Windmill, the harbour area, Braehead and the Plerick, and the burn and bridge (with the kirk in the background). You can see all the designs here. The set of 15 cards costs £10.

And SPECIAL DECEMBER OFFER – 20 cards for £10, printed to order with a selection of any of the A6 designs
(minimum 5 cards per design)

The two most popular cards are also available in packs of five cards.


Together with a third pack that consists of five photographs of robins, the packs are £4 each / £7 for two packs / £10 for three packs. Note that the website watermark is not present on the printed card designs.

There is also a set of six square cards featuring sections of the horizontally compressed panoramic view of whole of St Monans covered in snow (full panorama available only as a four foot long canvas print). This and similar sets featuring terns in flight (Tern Time) and puffins with fish (Puffishing). which also contain six square cards, cost £5.

Imagenic square cards, set 3 - St Monans in the SnowImagenic square cards, set 3 - St Monans in the SnowImagenic square cards, set 3 - St Monans in the SnowImagenic square cards, set 3 - St Monans in the SnowImagenic square cards, set 3 - St Monans in the SnowImagenic square cards, set 3 - St Monans in the Snow

There’s snow business

There’s no business like snow business like no business I know
Everything about it is appealing …

This year, for the first time in nearly a decade, we had a heavy snow in St Monans. The snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even. So I have a whole new batch of photos of St Monans covered in a blanket of the powdery frozen white stuff.

Here are a dozen photos from 2018 that I am making available as A4 prints and A6 cards.

As noted on previous posts, the web address is only added to online graphics and is not present on cards or prints,

( P.S. … apologies to Irving Berlin )


  • Cards are £1 each, or with another three designs (see below), as a set of 15 printed cards for £10.
  • Bulk orders of the same design are available on request.
  • Images are also available as high quality glossy prints mounted on cards (£2 each or three for £5):
    and as mounted prints (9″x6″ print in A4 mount, £10; A4 print in A3 mount, £15)

The three additional designs from previous years are:




Well, that was a busy weekend … thank you, everyone who dropped in to the Open House to view my prints and cards – which was over two hundred and seventy people, looking at and chatting with me about the large canvas prints on display, as well as the smaller mounted prints and cards that were available to browse.

There were a few new prints and card designs on show, and I’ll be updating the website this month to include them – starting with two new sets of cards which, like the tern pictures that were launched a few months ago, consist of six different designs printed on square cards, available at £1 each or £5 for the set of six.

The two new sets are “Puffishing”: puffins hanging out on the Isle of May this summer … with their catches of fish hanging out of their beaks ; and “St Monans in the snow”, whose cards show different sections of the panorama of the same name that is available to buy on a large 120 x 30cm canvas.

You can view all three sets on the cards page.

Tern Time

A new set of cards is now available featuring terns in flight. The images are from photographs taken on the Isle of May where the birds nest around the landing area and the visitor centre – and are very keen to make sure that visitors stay well away from their nests. If visiting the island in the nesting season, note that it’s reminiscent of a scene from a Hitchcock film, and that wearing a good hat is strongly recommended.

square cards, set 1 - Tern Timesquare cards, set 1 - Tern Timesquare cards, set 1 - Tern Timesquare cards, set 1 - Tern Timesquare cards, set 1 - Tern Timesquare cards, set 1 - Tern Time

The images are printed directly onto white cards (135mm square when folded). Price with envelopes £1 each or a set of six for £5. The insides of the cards are blank

Chasing Rainbows

A new set of images now available as cards and prints – rainbows over the sea and harbour of St Monans …

Christmas is coming …

Since setting up as a business, I’ve sold a few prints and the cards are now selling well. Maybe you are thinking about ordering a print for Christmas, or would like a few seasonal cards of St Monans in the Snow, robins and other wildlife?

If so, please note that I don’t yet carry a big stock. I have a handful of prints to let people see what photos look like on canvas or aluminium, and I can print smaller glossy photos, but if I need to order prints, that takes a few days, and it may take longer as Christmas approaches. Likewise, I have a few hundred cards, but if I get big orders, it will take a few days to restock.

So if you are thinking about ordering prints or cards, please let me know sooner rather than later … thanks.