St Monans in Mono

St Monans in the Snow (monochrome)

I’m always happy to consider bespoke requests, whether for a print from a photo on the blog, or a particular size, mount, frame, material, or as here, a request for a black and white version of the first Imagenic offering, the 120cm x 30cm canvas print of St Monans in the Snow.

This could have been done by using a straight greyscale conversion, but it was intended for display in a room which already has a black and white drawing, so I decided to prepare several versions using different styles of rendering the shading in black and white, including ones that resembled ink and pencil sketches and line drawings. I’m pleased to say that we agreed that one of the sketch styles was best, since it gave a good range of shades will retaining detail. You can’t see that detail in the picture above, as its scale is reduced 1:10, but to show you what it looks like at full resolution, here is a section of the picture.

cropped area of St Monans in the Snow in monochrome


St Monans in the snow

Welcome to Imagenic

The first picture to be featured on the website is a panorama of St Monans, taken during the snowy winter of 2010.

It shows the entire vista of the village that can be seen from atop the east pier harbour wall, with the kirk at the far left and the windmill just visible in the distance on the right. Many of St Monans’ houses in the harbour and Braehead areas are seen in good detail, with the west pier and creel strewn middle pier in the foreground.

An interesting feature (that also pinpoints when the photographs were taken) is the partly demolished Miller’s boat shed on the right of the panorama.

The picture is a composite image created from a dozen overlapping photographs. The width of the resulting panorama was originally over eleven times its height, but the image has then been squashed to a 4×1 aspect ratio.

I had the idea of doing this when I wanted to use it as a featured image on my photo blog. I liked the result so much that I made it into a 120 cm x 30 cm canvas photo print which I have subsequently exhibited. Other people clearly find it a fascinating image too, so after several requests, I am now making copies available to buy.

This 120cm x 30cm photo canvas is available from £80 (price on 2cm stretcher frame, other options on request)

Please contact me to discuss availability in other formats, delivery, or if you are in the St Monans area, to arrange to view the canvas print of this image.

And since I don’t carry big stocks of prints, if you fancy one for Christmas, don’t leave it too late – give me time to order extra copies if I need them!